Featured Projects
  1. Chalet FZ
    Chalet FZ
    Nested below the peak of a ski resort, the house reflects the roughness of the mountain while maintaining the warmth offered by the excess of wood.
  2. Penthouse KT
    Penthouse KT
    Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this last floor apartment was transformed into a penthouse by replacing the entire wall facing the sea with 4-meter high operable window bay.
  3. Chalet FA
    Chalet FA
    In a typical concrete apartment complex, the mountain house was completely redesigned from scratch into a warm and welcoming secondary residence.
  4. Atelier KT
    Atelier KT
    Redesigning the typical workspace by making it more appealing with infusions of greenery while still maintaining its functionality.
  5. Apartment PK
    Apartment PK
    The owners wanted their main home in a usually secondary sea residence complex. In order to achieve that, 2 smaller apartments were merged and the entire space and partition redesigned.
Juliana Tarazi
Interior designer
Juliana was born and raised in Lebanon. With a passion for the beautiful, she went on to study interior design at Academie Charpentier in Paris, where she worked at the 'Cabinet d'Architecture d'Interieur Bonfils' as well as at the 'Gallerie Collectania', a prominent contemporary furniture Gallery. Her work also includes pottery pieces that were exposed internationally from the Sursok Museum in Beirut to the Museum of Valencia in Spain.
With more than 20 years of experience and dozens of projects completed, Juliana Tarazi has become the go-to for high-end luxurious experience, adapting her unique style to each individual context.